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Minister Çitaku in the International Conference “Germia Hill”

November 9, 2012

Pristine, 8 November 2012 – In Pristine began its works the International Conference “Germia Hill”, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Council for International Relations, with the support of the British and Norwegian Government as well as of the British Council in Kosovo.

In the first debate of the conference with the subject “A post-American Europe”, panellists were the Minister of the European Affairs, Vlora Çitaku, Minister for European Affairs in the Danish Government, Mr. Nicolai Wammen, Chief of the EU Office in Kosovo Mr. Samuel Zbogar, Deputy Director for South Central Europe Mr. David Burger, Head of the Division for Western Balkans in the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs Mr. Ernst Reichel, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, former foreign minister of Macedonia  Mr. Antonio Milososki and former Foreign Minister of Albania Mr. Paskal Milo.

The topic- A post-American Europe, was an interesting starting point that attracted the attention of all panellists to give different comments in this conference.  However, Minister Çitaku determined that an issue as the topic in question is contributes to the development of a genuine and unusual debate for the future of Kosovo and the entire region in relation to the friendship of international community, particularly Western one.
On this occasion the Minister raised some issues in relation to the relocation of power from west to the east and south, and what does this mean regarding the focus in our small region that is so close to European Union in being able to keep the America’s focus.

Minister Çitaku said that “Many experts and so-called experts have continuously declared the withdrawal of American policy makers from our region.  European Union should take the driving seat of the developments from Zagreb to Athens and everything in between.
The promise of Thessaloniki of a decade ago was supposed to build tracks for Eastern Europe countries for greater integration and cooperation between them in the context of the Copenhagen criteria for good neighbourhood relations”.

Minister Çitaku also spoke for the importance of the American concern for Balkans and its importance in American politics, especially with the second term of the Democrat President, Mr. Barak Obama.

Meanwhile, the Danish Minister Mr Wammen among other things appreciated the commitment of the Government of Kosovo for the energetic and successful work regarding the fulfilment of the criteria for European integration.

With regard to the concerning topic, the Danish Minister Mr. Wammen appreciated the joint commitment of the American Government and representatives of the European Union which was proved with the same stances of the High Representative of the European Union and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Hillary Clinton during their visit in Kosovo and the entire region, where they shared the same and supportive messages for the development of the country and the future toward the European Union.

In this case, Mr. Wammen stated that “The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia will join the European Union, but EU currently has its own economic problems and is not able to accept new members with unsolved issues on hold among themselves”.

The Minister also stated that the Danish Government even after the leadership of the European Presidency will remain committed to help the region, but also will support and cooperate with all those forces which help the region to improve their relations between them.
From his side, the Chief of the European Office Mr. Samuel Zbogar stated that he appreciates the commitment of Kosovo and the organization of this conference, which is set to be organized in regular basis and has created a new and a very good image worldwide.

For the topic, A post-American Europe Mr. Zbogar stated that this topic is raised in a timely manner after the joint visit of the Senior Representative Ashton and Secretary Clinton which was confirmed once again that they are together and share common positions regarding the future of Balkans, which proves the commitment of European Union and United States; therefore, the region chances are much higher for things to go well when these two forces are together” said among other Mr. Zbogar.

Deputy Director for South Central Europe, Mr. David Burger, said that he agrees with all panellists claims that the relationship between Unites States of America and Europe remains close.  He confirmed that the American Government is very devoted to the developments in Europe and a large percentage of the concentration in the drafting process of its politics are dedicated to the future of Europe.

Also, by obtaining the second mandate, President Obama will continue with the same concentration considering that developments in Europe are very important for the politics in America, and that something as post –America for Europe does not stand but perhaps the question rose by Mr. Zbogar stands about whether there is something like Post European America.

Head of the Division for the Western Balkans in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ernst Reichel, said that the topic of this debate is very well oriented for the future because this is proved in effective manner with the visit of Baroness Ashton and Secretary Clinton for the positions and work of the European Union and the United States of America for Balkans by working closely with each other for the future of the region.

He added that Germany fully supports the agenda for the normalization of reports in terms of the peaceful dialogue in Balkans.  At the same time it is the right time to discuss regarding the Euro Atlantic future of the region and not only of European Integration, which is something that contributes to the region in order to aim also the membership in NATO and means a gold standard in the terms of security.

This topic sparked a very constructive debate where the panellists had the opportunity to share their different attitudes. Everyone welcomed this conference and praised the chosen topic.

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