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European Integration


Similar to IPA I, IPA II is based on allocations for each country, including allocations for each programming year. Nevertheless, the status discrepancy of candidate countries has been removed and IPA components have been removed too, so that all countries have had equal access, regardless, to all policy objectives (which have replaced the components). A performance-based criterion has been added, based on which the EU assistance for each state has been increased or decreased. While, within the IPA 2014-2020 programs, Kosovo has been provided with 602 million Euros

The funds allocated by the EU for Kosovo with IPA II (in millions of Euros) for annual national programs

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2014-2020
66.75 82.1 73.86 78.16 91.3 89.3 91.7 573.1


Marrëveshja kornizë ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për zbatimin e IPA II

IPA II funds are still being implemented, and are expected to contribute to achieving the results listed in the following priority sectors:

Democracy and governance

Reforming civil service (enhancing trustworthiness, transparency, accountability); improving the effectiveness of public services; establishing democratic institutions, strengthening existing democracy (local governance, Assembly, independent monitoring bodies).

Rule of law and fundamental rights

Enforcing the rule of law; combating corruption and organized crime; implementing the law for human rights and protecting and including minority and vulnerable groups.


Reforming the energy sector to address key health and environmental problems; ensuring a reliable and stable energy supply; greater use of renewable energies; alignment with EU Energy Law.

Competitiveness and innovation

Drafting and implementation of competition policies; providing public services that meet the needs of the private sector.

Education, employment and social policies

Improving the functioning of the labor market, raising educational standards, promoting the development of skills, restructuring the social welfare system.

Agriculture and rural development

Increasing competition in agriculture and food production and raising food safety standards; improving living standards in rural communities, building a climate-resilient rural economy.

Regional and territorial cooperation

Improving regional and neighbourly relations through cross-border cooperation programs.

Annual financial agreements between Kosovo and the EU

IPA 2014

IPA 2015

IPA 2016 pjesa e parë

IPA 2016 pjesa e dytë

IPA 2017, pjesa e parë


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