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With the aim of supporting the implementation of reforms, in order to complement the EU’s financial support,Marrëveshja Kornizë ndërmjet Kosovës dhe Komisionit Evropian mbi parimet e përgjithshme për pjesëmarrjen në Programet e BE-së. was signed on 25 November 2016. The agreement includes a list of 17 EU Programs in which Kosovo has the right to participate. EU programs have a seven-year duration, and are dedicated to promoting and supporting EU policies and strengthening cooperation among EU Member States and other members in certain areas, such as research and innovation, education, culture, health, environmental protection, taxation, justice, etc.

In order to better fulfill the responsibilities deriving from SAA participation, the Government of Kosovo has decided to use the opportunity to participate in EU programs to create opportunities for institutional, business and civil society entities to become familiar with EU practices, methods and standards and to strengthen technical and administrative capacities in the journey towards the EU.

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+ COSME (2014-2020)/Single Market Programme (2021-2027)

+ Erasmus+

+ Creative Europe

+ Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV)

+ Horizon Europe

+ Fiscalis

+ Customs

COSME (2014-2020)/Single Market Programme (2021-2027)

Within the seven-year financial cycle (2014-2020) of the EU, Kosovo has gained the status of an associated country in the COSME Program in 2019. The COSME program had 4 components, the main goal of which is to increase access to finance, access to markets, improvement of the environment for doing business, and stimulation of entrepreneurship. Small and medium-sized enterprises, local and regional authorities, corporations, government agencies/offices, public agencies as well as commerce and industry chambers have benefited from this program.

In the new financial cycle 2021-2027, Kosovo has expressed formal interest in becoming part of the follow-up program of COSME – the Single Market Programme (SMP), which offers the same opportunities as COSME, including other new opportunities for potential beneficiaries from Kosovo. In June 2023, the agreement between Kosovo and the EU was signed.


Erasmus+ is the EU program for the field of education, training, youth and sport. It brings together the Lifelong Learning, Youth in Action, Erasmus Mundus and Tempus programmes. Erasmus is designed to support the efforts of participating countries to efficiently use the potential of Europe’s human and social capital, while confirming the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning in all fields of education, training and youth. The program also increases opportunities for cooperation and mobility with partner countries, especially in the areas of higher education and youth.

Kosovo has been participating since 2015; the international agreement between the European Union and Kosovo for participation in Erasmus+ was signed on 05.06.2018, but Kosovo has an earlier experience with the TEMPUS program; Kosovo participated in TEMPUS/Erasmus Mundus and Youth in Action.

The 2018 agreement improved Kosovo’s participation and added value in terms of the European perspective and should be seen as another valuable step towards the EU. By updating its participation, Kosovo continues to participate in the international dimension of the program as a partner country, able to benefit from various European policy support networks such as the European Qualifications Framework, Eurydice, Europass and Euroguidance and electronic platforms (including eTwinning and EPALE). This brings Kosovo on an equal footing with its Western Balkan neighbors as well as EU Member States when it comes to those policy support networks. Kosovo does not have a national agency for the implementation of Erasmus+ however, it has an Erasmus+ Office,which serves as the administrative/coordinating center of this program in Kosovo.

Kosovo will still be part of the ERASMUS+ programme for the 2021-2027 financial cycle.

Marrëveshja ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për pjesëmarrjen e Kosovës në programin Erasmus+

Creative Europe

This program aims to support the capacity of the cultural and creative sectors to act, cooperate and promote international culture. Additionally, the purpose of this program is to increase international circulation of culture and creativity and to reach new audiences in Europe and beyond, as well as to support trans-national policy cooperation in order to encourage development policies, innovation, audience building and new business models.

Creative Europe is divided into three sub-programmes:
– Culture sub-programme;
– Inter-Sectoral Field
– Media

In the 2014-2020 financial cycle, Kosovo has participated in the Culture sub-program, in the Inter-Sectoral Field, with the exception of the Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee Fund, but not in the Media sub-program.

Marrëveshja ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për pjesëmarrjen e Kosovës në programin Evropa kreative

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV)

In November 2019, the Assembly of Kosovo ratified the agreement between Kosovo and the EU on Kosovo’s association in the ‘Europe for Citizens’ program. Europe for Citizens aimed to promote cooperation between citizens and different organizations, as well as promote the feeling of being part of European values and ideals. The program also promoted the importance of European integration. During the 2014-2020 financial cycle, the program as a whole had 229 million Euros dedicated to various projects that are mainly managed by NGOs and the civil society spectrum in general. In the new financial cycle 2021-2027, Europe for Citizens is grouped under the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) program with a total budget of 1.55 billion Euros and the signing of the agreement is expected.

Horizon Europe

The “Horizon Europe” program is a key program and one of the largest in the EU dedicated to research and innovation. Horizon Europe supports cooperation with a scientific focus and supports policies oriented towards research and innovation. Similar to other programmes, Horizon Europe focuses on developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while addressing global issues at the same time. In the new financial cycle (2021-2027) Horizon Europe will continue to support the establishment and better distribution of knowledge and technologies, placing special emphasis on the involvement of citizens in scientific developments and addressing the positive impacts of research and innovation, such as advances in the health and environment sectors. To achieve this, the program is structured in ‘missions’ and specific goals that will be achieved by 2027.

Marrëveshja ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për pjesëmarrjen e Kosovës në programin Horizon Europe


Fiscalis is the EU cooperation program which enables national tax administrations to create and share information and expertise.  Fiscalis’ budget was €223.4 million for the period 2014-2020. Kosovo will continue to participate in the Fiscalis program for the period 2021-2027 and for this purpose the agreement with the EU has been signed and entered into force.

The overall objective of this program is to improve the proper functioning of tax systems in the internal market by strengthening cooperation between participating countries, their tax authorities and their officials. And the specific objectives have to do with supporting the fight against tax fraud, tax evasion and aggressive tax planning and the implementation of the unification law in the field of taxes. These objectives are achieved by ensuring the exchange of information, supporting administrative cooperation, and when necessary and appropriate increasing the administrative capacity of participating countries in order to help reduce the administrative burden for tax authorities and the compliance costs for taxpayers.

Marrëveshja ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për pjesëmarrjen e Kosovës në programin Fiscalis


The “Customs” program is a cooperation program that has enabled national customs administrations to exchange information and expertise from the customs field. Kosovo will continue to participate in the Customs program for the period 2021-2027 and for this purpose the agreement with the EU has been signed and entered into force.

The overall objective of this program is to support the operation and modernization of Customs in the common customs market, increasing and strengthening cooperation between participating countries, customs administrations and their officials. The program aims to protect financial and economic interests, increase security, protect citizens and the environment, increase customs administrative capacities, fight fraud and protect intellectual property rights etc. All this is to be achieved through computerization, harmonization of customs procedures and controls, facilitation of free trade, development of best practices, intensifying capabilities and qualifications of customs officers etc.

The new “Customs” program has a total budget of €950 million, unlike the “Customs 2020” program, which had a budget of €523 million for the period 2014-2020. The new budget plans to help customs administrations in managing the growth of trade flow, technologies in development such as e-commerce, block chain etc. Greater focus will also be given in increasing on-site cooperation and enhancing human capability.

Marrëveshja ndërmjet Kosovës dhe BE-së për pjesëmarrjen e Kosovës në programin Customs

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