Integrimi Evropian

European Integration

Office of Sectoral Policies

The Office for Sectoral Policies is an organisational unit of the Office of the Prime Minister in charge of coordination of implementation of reforms for integration into the European Union in the areas under European Standards, respectively in the following negotiation chapters:

Chapter 10: Information Society and Media;
Chapter 11: Agriculture and Rural Development;
Chapter 12: Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy;
Chapter 13: Fisheries;
Chapter 14: Transport Policy;
Chapter 15: Energy;
Chapter 21: Trans-European Networks; and
Chapter 27: Environment.

Within the aforementioned chapters, the Office of Sectorial Policies exercises these functions by aligning policies of the Republic of Kosova with those of the EU in these areas, participating in their drafting and providing professional opinions on their alignment with the requirements of the EU acquis and European standards, monitoring and evaluating their implementation, as well as coordinating the preparation of the main national policy documents for EU integration in these areas and monitoring their implementation.

This office also coordinates the reform dialogue with the EU in these chapters by co-chairing two EU – KosovaStabilisation and Association subcommittees (SC on Agriculture and Fisheries and SC on Transport, Environment, Energy and Regional Development) and two Sectoral Working Groups for European Integration (SWGEI on Agriculture and Fisheries and SWGEI on Transport, Environment, Energy and Regional Development), as well as by coordinating and providing professional support to their functioning and of EU membership negotiation structures in these chapters.

The Office of Sectoral Policies also prepares regular reports for the European Commission on implementation of reforms for EU integration in the aforementioned chapters.

The following divisions are part of Sectoral Policies:

Division of Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development and Food Safety; and
Division of Environment, Energy and Transport.

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