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National Programme for European Integration

The National Program for Implementation of the Stabilisation and Association (NPISAA) is a key national policy document for EU accession. Consequently, the NPISAA sets a comprehensive mid-term framework of all reforms required to fulfil the obligations emerging from the SAA, namely the measures and priorities required for gradual approximation of national legislation with EU acquis, by transposing the latter into national legislation, and implementation of the approximated legislation. Additionally, NPISAA reflects the measures and priorities deriving from political and policy mechanisms of Kosovo-EU relations, namely the political and policy agenda deriving from the Stabilisation and Association Process Dialogue (SAPD), and findings of the European Commission – Kosovo Report 2015 (former Progress Report). Put in other words, NPISAA shall remain the key national strategic document for planning, implementing and monitoring the implementation of all reforms required for implementation of the SAA and upcoming phases of EU accession.

The program is a continuation of previous documents dating back to 2007. At that time, this document was called the European Partnership Action Plan. Over time, and depending on the dynamics of the European Agenda of the Republic of Kosovo, the denomination of the program has changed. – See more at:

PKIE January – June 2023

PKIE 2023-2027

Report on the work of PKIE July-September 2023

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