Integrimi Evropian

European Integration


Unlike the predecessor programs, IPA III does not allocate fixed funds to each state of the region, but is based on the state capacities to carry out the necessary reforms for European integration, as well as on the maturity of the projects with which the states apply. IPA III was established with EU regulation in 2021.

Korniza e programimit 2021-2027 reflects the specific objectives of the Regulation and focuses on the priorities of the enlargement process under five thematic windows, which reflect the negotiating chapters groupings according to the revised enlargement methodology.

Window 1: Rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy

Window 2: Good governance, alignment with the EU acquis, good neighborly relations and strategic communication

Window 3: Green agenda and sustainable connectivity

Window 4: Competitiveness and inclusive growth

Window 5: Territorial and cross-border cooperation


Annual financial agreements between Kosovo and the EU

 IPA 2021

 IPA 2022

 IPA 2023


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