Integrimi Evropian

European Integration

Stabilisation and Association Structures

Based on Articles 126-131 of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, the following structures have been established: Stabilisation and Association Council (SAC), Stabilization and Association Committee (the Committee) and seven Stabilisation and Association Sub-Committees:

a. Sub-committee on Trade, Industry, Customs and Taxes;

b. Sub-committee on Agriculture and Fishery;

c. Sub-committee on Internal Market and Competition;

d. Sub-committee on Economy, Financial Issues and Statistics;

e. Sub-committee on Justice, Freedom and Security;

f. Sub-committee on Innovation, Information Society and Social Policies;

g. Sub-committee on Transport, Energy, Environment and Regional Development.

And two special groups:

a. Public Administration Reform Special Group;

b. Special Group on Normalization.

Meeting calendar and chairmanship: Calendar – See more at:

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