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Feasibility Study findings in the field of economy, Financial control and statistics were discussed

October 24, 2012

Prishtina, 24nd October 2012 – With the invitation of Ministry of Economy and in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration a meetings of the Executive Committee for economy, financial control and Statistics was held.

In the meeting were present officials of the central institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the representatives of the EU office in Prishtina.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary General of the Ministry of Finances Mr.Naim Baftiu and Secretary General of the Ministry of European Integration Mr. Demush Shasha.

During the meeting representative of the Office of the European Union in Prishtina, Mrs.Radica Nusdorfer did the presentation of main findings of the Feasibility Study within the sectors that are covered from Executive Committee for Economy, Financial Control and Statistics’.

It was discussed about the progress made by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo in terms of keeping economic and financial stability, undertaken steps towards fiscal consolidation and maintaining of the stable level of public debt. At the same time on this occasion were also elaborated advances that were made in terms of legislative and regulatory framework such as: legislative package on privatization, the Law on banks, micro-financial institutions and non-banking financial institutions, measures undertaken within the reform of “Making Business” and improving of statistical infrastructure (including the establishment of Statistical Council).

In the meeting were also discussed the objectives and concrete steps that needs to be undertaken in the medium term plan so that the institutions covering these areas to be able to execute the obligations that come from Stabilization and Association Agreement. More specifically ,the findings and the challenges coming out of  the Feasibility study were elaborated for the sectors that are covered from this Executive Committee dealing with:

Further fiscal consolidation, economic policies aiming at eliminating obstacles to private sector development and foreign investment, promoting legislative and regulatory framework for business environment and SME-s, including steps for its more efficient implementation, strengthening of capacities for producing adequate quantitative and qualitative  statistics, and advancing of the internal and external  audition. Relevant Institutions stated that they have already begun work on drafting of the actions that will address to findings in their respective fields.

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