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Thematic Roundtable for Justice, Freedom and Security

October 24, 2012


Pristine, 24 October 2012 – In the framework of the Task Force on European Integration, held Thematic Roundtable Meeting for Justice, Freedom and Security. At this meeting was discussed over anti-corruption policies in Kosovo, with particular emphasis on institutional commitments to fight corruption

On this meeting, members and guests of this Thematic Roundtable had the opportunity to get familiar with the work of institutions such as that of the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Kosovo Police, Judicial Council, Customs, and other institutions engaged in combating corruption. Also, in the works of this Thematic Roundtable participate and contribute representatives of non-governmental organizations active in addressing policy and institutional actions against corruption

During this meeting it was emphasized that further cooperation and ongoing inter-institutional coordination in anti-corruption policies can find broad extension, to be more efficient and begin to produce positive results. In this context from presentations and discussions, it was concluded that different institutions face different challenges that can be overcome through dedication, planning and inter-institutional action. For this purpose it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with international partners, local organizations, and would have benefit from Western models and practices in the fight of corruption and economic crime. Thematic Roundtable for Justice, Freedom and Security aims to develop a consensus on the scope of institutions, identify shortcomings and achievements in fighting corruption, and define objectives and actions to be taken. For this purpose, in matters falling in the domain of justice, freedom and security, this Thematic Roundtable organizes meetings for which prepares materials for discussion. Thematic Roundtable for Justice, Freedom and Security is one of seven thematic roundtables aimed to develop consensus, draft diagnosis of the situation in the field of European integration, and to derive strategic objectives through the relevant documents for this purpose.

Thematic Roundtable for Justice, Freedom and Security will continue the works – one several days – during the months: October, November and December 2012, and in early 2013. The work of the Task Force for European Integration and its constituent seven Thematic Tables coordinated by the Ministry for European Integration, and the GIZ project “Support for European Integration of Kosovo” at this ministry.

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