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Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj opened the workshop for increasing coordination on the war against organized crime and corruption

November 22, 2016

22 November 2016 – Ministry of European Integration organized a two-day workshop with key stakeholders of the justice system in order to increase efficiency in combating organized crime and corruption. This workshop is being attended by judges and prosecutor in-charge of the high-profile cases of organized crime and corruption within the tracking mechanism for combating organized crime and corruption.

Representatives of Kosovo Police, Customs, Tax Administration of Kosovo and Financial Intelligence were also part of this workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to increase efficiency in providing outcomes regarding combating organized crime and corruption and communicating such outcomes to the public and the European Commission, in order to prove the work done for fulfilling the visa liberalisation criteria and advancing Kosovo’s process of European Union integration.

The outcome of the workshop is expected to be the coordinated and harmonized collection of statistical data proving the work of prosecution offices and courts, and unification of the methodology for collecting such data. It is worth emphasising, that the selection criteria for top-cases of organized crime and corruption will be clarified and detailed, meaning that such cases will be prioritized by prosecution offices and courts in Kosovo, and will be solved in a rapid and efficient manner.

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