Integrimi Evropian

Thematic Roundtable for Economy, Finance and Statistics

November 5, 2012


Prishtina, 05 November 2012 – With the topic “Privatization and Management of Public Enterprises’ the meeting of the “Roundtable for Economy, Finance and Statistics” was held today.  This is the second meeting in a row of this table which aims at diagnosing the situation regarding all the achievements, shortcomings and difficulties in the field of European Integration.

In this meeting it was discussed about the developments in the field of privatization, and the need that in the future this process will serve better to all economic, business and social demands. For this purpose, participants referred to a series of examples of other countries which have set the process of privatization in the function of economic developments, investments in infrastructure or the improvements of social welfare.
In this contest it was noted that in the current circumstances the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo should engage more strongly in improving this process.

Also, in order to increase the efficiency, the function of carrier institutions of this process should improve same as those in one way or another deal with the implementations of decisions and actions.

For this purpose the common conclusion of this Thematic Roundtable was, that is necessary to take informed decisions on the institutional and political spectrum in the Republic of Kosovo.

Among other issues, members of this Thematic Roundtable discussed for day-to-day challenges of the management of this process, as well as the consequences of actions or between effective actions with regard to privatization.

The Roundtable for Economy, Finance and Statistics in the upcoming months will continue with the organization of workshops in order to address other topics within this field, whereas all this is expected to result in a diagnostic report in this field.

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