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Minister Hoxha is attending the Women Leaders Global Forum: strengthening the role of women in politics and decision-making, a necessity

November 27, 2018

Reykjavik, 27 November 2018 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, is attending the Women Leaders Global Forum in Reykjavik of Iceland, in the capacity of the political panellist, on the topic “Promotion of leadership, path, position and power.” This Forum is being attended by the women leaders from all over the world.

Initially, Minister Hoxha congratulated women leaders in politics for such forum, pointing out the commitment of the Government of Kosovo, which has done a lot to empower woman, as well as the importance of women participation in decision-making and building and maintaining peace.

“I believe in promoting the involvement of women in politics and decision-making, in particular with a positive impact on promoting peace in Balkans”, stated Minister Hoxha.

The role of woman is essential to the society and in particular to politics and decision-making, pointer out Minister Hoxha, reflecting the involvement of women in politics.

“Kosovo has made essential improvement as to the involvement of women in politics and building peace after the war of 1999. We are among the first countries in Balkan to have had a female president for five years”, highlighted Minister.

“During the period 1998-1999, the war resulted with thousands of victims in Kosovo. Around 20.000 women in Kosovo are survivors of sexual violence during the war and this is one of the reasons why women should be active in politics, as we also have to be their voice,” pointed out Minister, “but also in reconciliation, economic development, education and transitional justice”.

“The Balkans understands better than anyone else that building peace is the only path ahead; we owe peace and reconciliation to the old generations and new generations”, stated Minister Hoxha.

In this Forum being attended by numerous ministers and deputies of EU member states, Minister Hoxha called on European Union to keep the word and remove isolation for citizens of Kosovo.

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