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Minister Hoxha at the Horasis Global Meeting: We believe in the EU vision as the only alternative of sustainable values

April 8, 2019

Prishtina, 08 April 2019 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, at the Global Horasis Meeting, which is being held in Portugal, in the presence of hundreds of participants from dozens of countries around the world, has discussed in the panel on the topic: Leadership of the world outside the balance, emphasizing the importance of promoting cooperation and enhancing the sustainable wellbeing in the world.

“While we are concerned about the fragility of global peace and stability in the light of populism growth, existing economic divisions, we also know that integration and openness remain our best mean for the future. Only by being open to each other and by joining the efforts we can be able to effectively solve the common challenges we are facing”, stated Minister Hoxha.

Further, in her speech, the Minister emphasized the importance of comprehensive governance, in particular, equal participation and adequate representation of women, because, she added, when women are part of the workforce – economies progress, when they are part of social processes – societies grow and when they are part of peace negotiation processes – peace is more likely to be sustainable.

Minister Hoxha noted the steadfast role the EU has historically played in promoting mutual interest-based cooperation by turning its previous enemies into allies, and by encouraging the free movement of goods and services and maintaining Europe’s peace in over 70 years. Having experienced a terrible war two decades ago, we are cautious of any tendency that threatens the return of the past, the Minister stated, adding that the EU is the only option for sustainable peace and sustainable development. We need a strong and cohesive EU.

“The prospect of EU integration continues to be a strong imperative for Kosovo, as well as for the Western Balkans region as a whole, to undergo reforms in the political and economic system and to serve as a platform for regional co-operation. Under the EU leadership, we are ready to undergo all these long processes and to fulfill all the criteria that make us eligible for EU membership – because we strongly believe in the EU vision as the only way for peace and stability”, emphasized Minister Hoxha.

We remain committed to fulfilling our agreement as we walk on our path to EU integration, pointed out Minister Hoxha, but we also rely on the EU’s ability to address its internal affairs in order to speak with unity for the values that we all strive to embrace and defend.

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