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Minister Hoxha, in the meeting with European Parliament Rapporteur, Sholtes: Kosovo has fulfilled the liberalisation criteria

June 5, 2018

Prishtina, 5 June 2018 – Minister of European Integration, Ms. Dhurata Hoxha, today hosted the European Parliament Rapporteur on Kosovo, Mr. Igor Sholtes, with whom she discussed regarding visa liberalisation and fulfilment of criteria on this very important topic for the citizens of Kosovo.


Minister Hoxha emphasised that all criteria for visa liberalisation have been fulfilled, and therefore, the minister stated, in June we expect strong signals regarding the full implementation these criteria so that we can proceed further with the visa liberalisation process.


“We are very aware that the fight against organized crime and corruption is not time bound, and therefore, we consider that even after the visa regime for Kosovo is lifted, domestic institutions will not stop fighting against these phenomenon”, stated Minister Hoxha, while adding that the citizens of Kosovo expect from the European Union institutions to appraise the progress made by Kosovo.


The Rapporteur of the European Parliament, Mr. Sholtes, reiterated that Kosovo must not allow corruption to hamper the progress of the integration process, while pointing out that the fight against organized crime and corruption is certainly a priority to the EU, and Kosovo must particularly continue showing results in the fight against high-level corruption.


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