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Minister Hoxha receives support from Luxembourg through a project worth 2 million

June 5, 2018

Prishtina, 5 June 2018 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, attended the launch ceremony of the cooperation project with Luxembourg, for technical assistance in the context of European integration, 2018-2022, where present where the Luxembourg Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires Anne Dostert and Norway’s Ambassador, Per Strand Sjaastad, as well as senior EU officials.


Minister Hoxha pointed out that efforts in the implementation of the European Reform Agenda and the National Program for SAA have intensified.


“The goal is to ensure effective implementation of the SAA in particular and the integration agenda in general in order to prepare for the next integration phases. Additionally, it is aimed to strengthen the communication by supporting the implementation of our communication and information strategy of the integration process, “said Minister Hoxha.


The cooperation agreement, in the context of European integration, with Luxembourg for supporting Kosovo’s institutions in capacity building for the SAA implementation in priority areas is € 2m for 4 years, co-financed by Kosovo in an amount of €100,000 stated Minister Hoxha.


Minister Hoxha highlighted that discussions with Norway for similar support for 9 other areas are underway, where except for Ministry of Integration other institutions of the country will be beneficiaries as well.


“To our ministry, this initiative is of special importance since for the first time the implementation is done directly by the Ministry of Integration through a capacity facility and certainly with the assistance of the Luxembourg Development Agency and the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo. Hence, besides the strengthening of the capacities for the implementation of the SAA, the facility will also have a positive impact on strengthening our capacities for managing funds and projects, “said Minister Hoxha.


Lastly, Minister Hoxha thanked the Luxembourg Government, the Luxembourg Development Agency and Norway for their support and cooperation. At the same time, she urged Kosovo institutions to support and engage in successful implementation of the project in the next 4 years.


While Luxembourg Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires Anne Dostertand and Norway’s Ambassador, Per Strand Sjaastad, highlighted that support for Kosovo in its integration process will continue to be provided, noting the importance of implementing the SAA and European Reform Agenda.

Last modified: August 9, 2022

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