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Minister Hoxha calls for fulfilling obligations deriving from the sector budget support

April 26, 2018

Prishtina, 26 April 2018 – In the meeting of the Special Group for Public Administration Reform, the Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, praised the meeting, emphasizing that the link to the sector budget support has been negotiated within the second part of IPA 2016.


Ministry of European Integration, as Minister Hoxha highlighted, is the main institution responsible for ensuring the implementation of the first indicator of the Contract for Sector Budget Support for Public Administration Reform.


“This indicator requires the fulfilment of obligations deriving from SAA by implementing the National Program for Implementation of this agreement”, stated Minister Dhurata Hoxha, adding that this is the first year of implementation of this indicator, and Minister contributed to the implementation by reviewing the Program of SAA in September of the previous year.


This year, as Minister mentioned, the focus is on three directions: realistic planning, link to the Government Annual Work Plan and other domestic documents and facilitation of reporting, establishing stricter criteria for short-term planning, further centralizing the process, as well as providing instructions for calculating the budget cost of planned reforms.


“The planning quality for the Program of SAA has been significantly improved in three main directions: reduction of short-term measures for around 45%, from 959 measures in the previous year to around 538 this year, of which 145 are legislative measures, whereas 393 are implementing measures; link of around 70% of short-term measures with reforms agreed in the conclusions of SAA structures; and link of around 80% of short-term measures with the Government Annual Work Plan (GAWP): a total of 279 short-term measures of Program of SAA are part of the latter, 38 from 40 draft laws foreseen with this program are part of the Government Legislative Program; whereas 241 from 393 implementing measures of the Program of SAA are part of GAWP”, stated Minister Hoxha.


“We expect that all institutions involved in the sector budget support will be engaged for fulfilling their obligations vested during the negotiation process of the sector budget support and within the ongoing dialogue process that we have with EU on this issue”, stated Minister Dhurata Hoxha.


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