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Ireland will strongly support European Kosovo

January 20, 2013

Dublin, January 20, 2013 – Deputy Minister for European Integration Mr. Gëzim Kasapolli, with the invitation of State Minister for Europe, Lucinda Creighton, of the Republic of Ireland, attended the conference organized by the European Union Presidency, that in six upcoming months is led by Republic of Ireland. Attendants of the conference were all Ministers and State Secretaries for European Affairs, and of the potential candidate countries for membership in.

Deputy Minister Kasapolli thanked Irish Officials for given support, as for the independence process of Republic of Kosovo, also for the European Integration support to.  Deputy Minister Kasapolli informed in details for recent events in Kosovo regarding performance of the criteria derived by the European Union in relation to Kosovo.

In particular it was emphasized the Stabilization and Association Agreement by noting that there is more work to do but we are determined to work and, as soon as possible to fulfill all criteria required by the European Union, in order to continue further, not lagging far behind from the other countries in the region. Also it was discussed the progress of developments on Visa Liberalization, where Deputy Minister Mr. Kasapolli said that “Receiving the roadmap is the result of comprehensive work of the Kosovo institutions, the opposition and civil society. Therefore, we are committed to working with more dynamic in order to meet all requirements in record time. ”

Minister Creighton welcomed the progress achieved in Kosovo and urged the Republic of Kosovo to continue to work towards broadening the dialogue with neighbors. According to her, the success of the Kosovo towards membership is directly related to Kosovo’s success in meeting the Copenhagen criteria, where lies the dialogue and good neighborly relations.

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