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Minister Çitaku condemns the malicious attack on the Orthodox cemetery

January 22, 2013



Prizren, 22 January 2013 – Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku today conducted a visit to the Municipality of Prizren, on this occasion Ms. Çitaku very strongly condemned the violence against the Orthodox cemeteries that happened during these days in other parts of Kosovo, and especially in Prizren.

Minister Çitaku was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Slobodan Petrović, the Special Representative and Head of the European Union in Kosovo, Mr. Samuel Zbogar. During this visit, the delegation met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Prizren Mr. Ramadan Muja, and with representatives of the Orthodox Church in Prizren, with which they discussed about recent incidents in the municipality of Prizren and they jointly condemned in a strong manner this act of violence.

In addition Minister stressed the importance to inform public against illegal migration and asylum seeking and at the same time it was discussed about reintegration of repatriated persons, criteria which if managed properly may contribute to the process but if not may undermine the advancement towards Visa Liberalization for Kosovo.

Among other Minister Çitaku said that “advancement towards European integration is for the benefit of Kosovo and improvement of our citizens’ welfare. At the same time the dialogue with Serbia is part of neighbor relations improvement which is the criterion for integration in the European Union.

While the Mayor of Municipality of Prizren, Mr. Muja sad that “he also condemns the act, and called all citizens to maximum work in order to perform their duties as municipality, by contributing to the European Agenda”. He also added that “The Municipality of Prizren has a high level of prepared personnel to manage the reintegration of the repatriated persons in these municipalities”.

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