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The second official round of negotiations on Stabilisation and Association Agreement between EU and Kosovo is held

November 27, 2013

Prishtina, November 27, 2013 – The second official round between the Government of Kosovo and the European Commission for negotiating the Stabilisation and Association Agreement was held. On Kosovo Government side negotiations are chaired by Minister of European Integration, Mrs. Vlora Çitaku, while on European Commission side, Mr. Joost Korte, Deputy Director General, DG for Enlargement of the European Commission.

During today’s meeting it was reviewed the progress achieved in negotiating of open titles on October 27, 2013, respectively chapters IV, V and VI and in this regard negotiators, Deputy Ministers Nikaj and Kasapolli, presented details of the progress achieved so far, also the state of preparations regarding first meetings of the Working Groups to be held in Brussels on 16-17 December.

Following the meeting, negotiations on Article 1 of the SAA are opened and as well the titles: Title 1: General principles, Title 3: Regional cooperation, Title 7: Justice, Freedom and Security, Title 8: Cooperation Policies, Title 9: Financial cooperation, Title 10: Institutional general and final provisions.

The provisions of these titles will regulate relations between Kosovo and the European Union in more than 26 areas, such as:  economic policies, development of statistical system, banking and insurance system, public procurement, customs and taxation system, audio – visual policies, and other.
With today’s round Kosovo and the European Union have opened all Titles for negotiations except the chapter on Political Dialogue, which will be opened during the next round of negotiations.

After the conclusion of the meeting, Minister Çitaku and Mr. Korte held a press conference.

In this occasion Minister Çitaku said: “I am expressing satisfaction that we are continuing with the processes within the anticipated timeframes, and as was announced, we are working so that entire agreement be negotiated by spring next year. Since the last meeting up to date, Kosovo Working Groups have reviewed the initial offer of the European Commission and during December our technical teams will conduct the first round of technical negotiations.

Today we have opened negotiations on six (6) other SAA Titles, including the general provisions of the SAA, and those dealing with Regional Cooperation; Justice; Freedom and Security; Cooperation Policies in a wide range of policies and sectors (including Economy, Trade, Banking Sector, Culture, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Investment promotion, Small and Medium Enterprises, Industry etc.); and the Title on Financial Cooperation is opened for negotiations, as well. I am expressing our satisfaction for efficient manner of organizing the negotiation process so far, wide and comprehensive range of presented SAA text – in line with SAAs of the region”.

Deputy Director General for Enlargement, Joost Korte, stated: “Kosovo should continue with reforms presented in the last year feasibility study, such as in the rule of law, judiciary, public administration, electoral reform and Assembly, protection of minorities, trade and internal market. We also expect that the second round of elections to be held on December 1, be conducted peacefully and according to the procedures. Kosovo should continue with a constructive engagement in the dialogue with Serbia and should implement agreements reached”.

General information:

In December of last year, the European Council has confirmed the progress and the possibility of opening of SAA negotiations between Kosovo and the European Union. This opportunity was conditioned with Kosovo`s obligation to meet short-term requirements outlined in the Feasibility Study.

In April of this year, the European Commission has confirmed that Kosovo has fulfilled the short- term criteria in the area of rule of law, public administration, minority rights and trade. In June, taking into consideration the fulfilling the short term criteria, the European Council has appreciated the achievements and confirmed the commencement of negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

The negotiation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement is the first step regarding the European Union accession process.

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