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Technical coordination meeting for negotiating SAA

November 29, 2013

Prishtina, 29th October 2013 – One day after commencing the negotiation for SAA between Kosovo and the European Commission, the Ministry for European Integration and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, organized the technical coordination meeting for negotiating SAA.

The meeting was opened by Minister Çitaku, Chief-negotiator for SAA, in her opening remarks, she stated: We have received EU`s offer for the most complex titles of SAA, IV, V, and VI. Now, it is a responsibility of our respective institutions to analyze EU`s offer and establish our negotiating positions. It is essential that throughout the entire negotiating process we should take into consideration the interest of our enterprises and producers. I would also like to emphasize that obligations that we will undertake within the SAA will have the character of an international agreement which will regulate our relations until the EU accession act. Therefore, I invite all institutions that during the following months to show maximum commitment on the negotiation of SAA.”

During the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of European Integration and the Ministry of Trade presented the details of Titles IV, V, and VI. During the meeting, most complex issues on negotiating these 3 chapters were discussed. At the same time, work calendar until the end of February 2014, was presented.

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