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The regular meeting of the Executive Commission for European Integration in the area

February 5, 2014

Prishtina, 05 February 2014 – Organized by the Ministry of European Integration, on 5 February 2014, was held the regular meeting of the Executive Commission for European Integration in the area “Economy, Financial Control and Statistics””.

Purpose of this meeting was to present and discuss the progress of fulfilling the measures and actions of the Action Plan for SAA (APSAA) in the sectors of macroeconomics, market and price liberalization, privatization, reform and financial control, statistical and economic cooperation, financial cooperation and cross-border cooperation for the last quarter of 2013. Within regular monitoring and reporting, representatives of the Ministry for European Integration (MEI) presented the fulfilment of priorities and activities of APSAA regarding abovementioned areas.
Also, representatives of other respective ministries and institutions discussed about the challenges and the progress of fulfilling actions and measures planned in APSAA.

Taking into consideration that the implementation of measures foreseen with APSAA has a positive effect in addressing the challenges in the integration process, participants agreed to continue with the fulfilment of actions and measures foreseen with the plan and to increase effectiveness of monitoring and reporting in the upcoming reporting periods..
General Information:

Executive commissions are intergovernmental bodies which serve as expert`s forums to provide inter-institutional coordination within the reforms planned in the European agenda.

There are seven Executive Commissions in total:

– Justice, Freedom and Security;
– Innovation and Social Cohesion;
– Trade, Industry, Customs and Tax;
– Internal Market, Competition, Consumer Protection and Health;
– Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry, Food Safety;
– Transport, Environment, Regional Development;
– Economic and Financial Affairs, Statistics.



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