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The fifth meeting of the Ministerial Council for European Integration was held

July 18, 2023

In the building of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, the fifth meeting of the Ministerial Council for European Integration took place. This meeting was chaired by the first deputy prime minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue of the Republic of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi. Present were ministers, deputy ministers and representatives of independent institutions and agencies relevant to the fulfillment of the country’s European agenda.

“The integration of Kosovo in the Euro-Atlantic institutions has been and remains one of the most important priorities of the Government of Kosovo, therefore every step taken towards this strategic objective is a proper step forward towards the integration of Kosovo in these institutions and organizations .” said Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi at the opening of this meeting.

Initially, in the first part of the meeting, the measures that have been implemented in the ERA II Action Plan and the general aspect of the state of implementation according to the institutions were discussed, and in the second, the key steps and reforms foreseen within the National Program for European Integration , PKIE 2023-2027.

In this fifth meeting of this Council, concrete tasks and possible challenges were discussed in the implementation and achievement of the objectives towards the path of the European integration of the Republic of Kosovo.

“As you know, on December 15, 2022, we officially submitted the EU membership application. In particular, now after applying for membership, the acceleration of the implementation of reforms and the improvement of their quality and impact on the lives of citizens is expected. The focus is on creating momentum for the acceptance of the questionnaire by the European Commission to be evaluated for the status of the candidate state for membership. Therefore, it is of key importance that the reforms under the responsibility of the institutions you lead are implemented within the deadlines set by your institutions themselves, in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office as the main coordinating institution for European integration.” Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi added, among other things.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue together with the relevant Directorates of European integration will regularly monitor the process of implementing the reforms and will cooperate closely with the ministries, the Assembly of Kosovo, councils and independent agencies to fulfill the obligations of the European agenda.

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