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In the first half of the year, important reforms for EU integration are implemented

September 13, 2023

The Office of the Prime Minister, in cooperation with other public institutions, has drawn up the report on the implementation of the National Program for European Integration during the period January – June. During this period, important reforms were implemented for EU integration in the three pillars: political criteria, economic criteria and European standards.

They include reforms agreed within the framework of the joint structures of the Stabilization-Association Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the EU and priorities of the Agenda for European Reforms, thus fulfilling SAA obligations and other requirementsfor EU integration. During the first part of the year, more than half of the reforms have been implemented or are being implemented, without delays.

As for political criteria, key reforms have been implemented in the field of elections and public administration. The new Law on Elections has been approved and entered into force, enabling the improvement of the organization and holding of central elections and addressing the EU’s multi-year recommendations. Furthermore, a digital platform for reporting on the implementation of the strategic framework for public administration reform has been developed and launched for use. This will improve the sustainability of reforms, transparency and accountability in this area.

Regarding the economic criteria, quarterly financial and performance reports for all public enterprises and analysis of fiscal risks for public enterprises have been prepared for the first time. These reforms improve the management of these enterprises based on the concept of corporate governance, as well as their managerial and financial accountability and transparency.

In the framework of the third pillar, reforms have been implemented that bring Kosovo closer to these standards in many areas, with priority on reforms with an impact on the economy. In this regard, with the approval of the Strategy for Industry Development and Support

Business 2030, by the end of the decade, industrial production will be expanded, the industrial trade deficit will be reduced, employment in industry and enterprises will be improved, and the development of green industry will be facilitated.

Furthermore, in the field of agriculture, the approval by the Assembly, for the first time, of the Law on the Organization of the Common Market of Agricultural Products, approved by the Government, will enable the growth of the local market of agricultural products and their competitiveness in the markets others through the creation of a system of organizing the market of agricultural products. The implementation of the program for organic agriculture, approved by the Government during the reporting period, will also contribute to this.

Thirdly, with the adoption of the Digital Agenda for Kosovo 2030 by the end of the decade, the digital infrastructure will be advanced, the digital transformation of businesses will be enabled, public services will be digitized, the digital skills of citizens will be further developed and an innovative ecosystem for research and development in the private sector, and cyber security will be advanced.

In the field of fundamental rights, the Government has approved amendments to the Law on Religious Freedoms and with their approval in the Assembly, the registration of religious communities as a separate category will be regulated and the legal basis for the preservation and promotion of religious pluralism will be advanced.

In the field of the environment, the Government has approved for the first time the draft law on climate change, as well as the amendments to the Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment.

With their approval by the Assembly, environmental protection will be advanced through the start of work on the implementation of the EU’s Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, which foresees the most ambitious decarbonization goals in the world. This will also implement stricter rules and procedures for assessing the impact of plans and programs on the environment, will improve the prevention and control of the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from a wide range of industrial, traffic, agricultural activities and from other sectors.

Furthermore, with the approval of the Water Strategy 2023-2027 and the action plan 2023-2025 for its implementation, during the next five years the governance and long-term provision of water as a critical resource for citizens and the economy, the protection of water resources, will be improved as well as the reliability and quality of water services.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo remains fully committed to its journey in the process of European integration and the fulfillment of the necessary reforms that are proving the work and seriousness of our institutions, for important steps forward, towards EU integration.

Last modified: September 15, 2023

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