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Short-term criteria for the Stabilization and Association Agreement are fulfilled

March 4, 2013

On 1st March 2013, the Government of Kosovo submitted a report on the implementation of the short term priorities of the Feasibility Study for the beginning of the negotiations for the Stabilization and Association Agreement. Report confirmed that all short-term criteria for the beginning of negotiations for the SAA are fulfilled. It is expected that EU Council brings a decision to launch negotiations in June 2013.

In October 2012, the European Commission published Feasibility Study for the Stabilization and Association Agreement between European Union and Kosovo. Study confirmed that Kosovo“…is mainly ready to begin negotiations on Stabilization and Association Agreement.”

At the same time European Commission identified 4 short term criteria to be fulfilled in order to start SAA negotiations: rule of law, public administration, minority protection and trade. In addition the study confirmed that Kosovo should continue implementation of all agreements reached between Belgrade and Prishtina and constructively engage in the context of the dialogue facilitated by EU.

On the 12th December 2012, the EU General Affairs Council has taken into account Feasibility Study and Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between EU and Kosovo and Council’s initiative to propose negotiation directive for SAA after Kosovo fulfills short term criteria which were identified in the Feasibility Study.

Council reached to the conclusion that it would decide to launch negotiations for an SAA with Kosovo based on a report presented by the EU High Representative /Vice President in the autumn of 2013. The Council will assess the report during the next EU presidency. If the assessment is positive the Council shall approve negotiating directive.

In this context since the October of the last year, under the coordination of the Ministry of European Integration, all Kosovo institutions have worked intensively to fulfill the 4 short term criteria for the beginning of the SAA negotiation.

On 1 March 2013, Ministry of European Integration on behalf of the Government of Kosovo has submitted its final report on the fulfillment of the criteria.

The report explains in details the fulfillment of 4 short term criteria.

Now it is expected that the Council of the EU decide for the beginning of the negotiations on SAA in the June of 2013.In order that EU Council decide for the beginning of the negotiations in June, European Commission should finalize and approve final report by April 2013.

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