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February 25, 2020

Prishtina, 25 February 2020 – Thanks to the scrutiny of some media, which we do not want to believe are malicious, regarding the Contract for service, design, creation and maintenance of webpages for the needs of MEI, with procurement number: 218-199639-2-2-1, dated 21.02.2020, we inform you that:

1.Initially, the total contract amount of € 28,500.14 is for a period of 36 months, or three years – 2020-2022.

2.This contract does not refer to the sum of 30,000.00 Euros per year, but that of the annual amount of € 8,333.33 per year, or close to € 694.44 per month.

3.The maintenance of three (3) webpages of MEI and one (1) database shall be carried out with this contract, and not the maintenance of only one webpage, as stated in the media, and those webpages are as follows: the official webpage of MEI, the webpage of visa liberalization, the new webpage of the SAA, which is foreseen in the Strategy for Communication of the European Integration Process 2019-2021 adopted by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo on 15.05.2019, as well as the database of EU legislation in Albanian, deriving from the Kosovo-Albania inter-state agreement on the publication of EU legal acts in Albanian.

4.The call for application of economic operators was done in December 2019. According to the official announcement by the Secretary-General of this ministry, in legal terms, regarding the conclusion of this contract, every legal provision of procurement procedures has been respected, the same person has confirmed that there are no legal obstacles or irregularities in the continuation of the procedure for finalizing the conclusion of this new contract.

5.We also inform you that the maintenance of these webpages includes hosting, domain name, complete design, general maintenance 24/7 upon request of MEI.

Finally, as each contract is published on the official website of the PPRC (Public Procurement Regulatory Commission), on the e-procurement platform, this contract and all others are public and subject to public review. Therefore, we encourage the media to continuously monitor their legality not only in the MEI, but also in all other institutions, as well as to make their right pronouncement and interpretation, and to inform the public clearly and concisely.

Last modified: August 4, 2022

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