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December 1, 2012

Pristine, December 1st 2012 – Recently(recent days), in media and by the side of certain persons have been placed false information in regard to the status of the civil servants within the Ministry of the European Integration.

MEI explains to the public opinion that civil service within MEI is one of the most professional services within the institutions in the Republic of Kosovo. Academic level of the ministry staff is among the best in whole Balkans. From 59 ci9vil servants more than 65% have post-graduate academic degrees, 30 are graduates and less than 5 % have high school. Staff education has been done in the most prestigious European universities. More than 85 % of the staff speaks two languages. Similar academic level is also found in Minister Çitaku’s political cabinet.

In particular, during the mandate of Minister Çitaku civil service was advanced by allowing greater operational independence to civil service, which is also reflected within SIGMA-s  2012 annual report and the 2012 Feasibility Study of the European Commission . Therefore MEI during the mandate of Minister Çitaku has received constant praise in written and official reports on the quality of the civilian staff from the European Commission.

Today within the MEI the entire top management of the civil service including Secretary General and almost all the directors of the professional departments come from the Young Cell Scheme  and are selected on the merits and professionalism by composed commissions where always present were members of the European Commission.

Regarding on issue of finishing of practical part free of charge within the Ministry of European Integration MEI was and remains to be open for all students without political and ethnical divisions. We have internships from all over the world.

MEI categorically rejects deliberate and completely false insinuations on the quality of civilian staff and will protect with all legal means dignities of the ones who work every day on the advancing of the European agenda of the Republic of Kosovo.

In this context for the sake of the transparency and the right of public information find attached the list of the MEI staff, their positions, the year of employment and their rank.

Annex 1 – List of MEI staff (all employees from the young Cell Scheme are marked with the abbreviation “YCS”)  

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