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Presentation of Minister Çitaku on Visa Liberalization at the European Policy Centre in Brussels

January 16, 2014

Brussels, 16 January 2014 – Today, during her visit to Brussels, Minister ?itaku had a public presentation at the European Policy Centre (EPC) where she kept speaking  on the achievements and challenges in the process of visa liberalization in front of an audience of representatives of EU institutions, representatives of EU member states, journalists and civil society.

In her presentation titled: “Approximation of Kosovo to the EU: next steps towards visa liberalization,” she also spoke about the country’s European agenda, the context in which recent developments have been made in European integration, including political developments in the country and regional relations. The focus of the presentation of Minister Çitaku was on the importance of visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens in a shorter possible time.

Minister Çitaku spoke about the work and the results achieved by all institutions involved in addressing of visa liberalisation roadmap criteria for Kosovo, describing achievements in each of the blocks that include the process of repatriation, reintegration of repatriated persons, documents security, border management and asylum issues, as well as fundamental rights related to freedom of movement.

Minister Çitaku spoke about the importance of accelerating the dynamics by the European Commission. She stated that “we expect from the EU to be thorough in assessments, but be sure to have fair treatment for Kosovo. Increasing the volume of exchanges will be beneficial for European reform process. We have met many of the requirements of this process, and therefore we expect assessment missions by the European Commission in order to conclude the whole process as soon as possible.

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