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Objection on violence against freedom and expression

December 15, 2012

Pristine, December 15th 2012. – Ministry of European Integration has closely followed the situation in regard to protest of some extremist groups on the Friday evening that threatened the public order and the rights of free expression and freedom of movement as well as freedom of media.

We highly welcome the commitment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to send the police forces in order to prevent any excesses and endangering of the property and civil liberties and we encourage law enforcement authorities to act further against any discrimination in ethnic, religious, sexual orientation etc. bases. At the same time we thank on the Kosovo Ombudsperson reaction, and we appeal on associations, civil society organizations, and sports fans to only use means of civil dialogue to discuss about the social issues in the Republic of Kosovo.

On this occasion we remind citizens that the conclusions of European Commission oblige the Government to improve the situation regarding free expression and freedom of media as one of the essential conditions identified in the Feasibility Study. Ministry of the European Integration and Kosovo Government is dedicated on respecting of the human rights and freedoms as well as political and religious rights by respecting and protecting all of the constitutional categories from the discrimination as a legal obligation and a principle direction of all institutions and political spectrum that supports the European Integration agenda.
Extremism of any kind is not a local product but a phenomenon imported from neighbouring countries and other societies.

Ministry of Integration also reports that for the year 2013 it allocated a particular budget on protection of freedom of expression, freedom of media and for opposing of discrimination of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.   Kosovo will not be a ground for the activities of groups that threaten the rights and freedoms of any minority.
This promise is a base of our dedication to membership in the family of European nations.

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