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Minister Vlora Çitaku hosted the Italian Ambassador in Kosovo, Mr. Andreas Ferrarese

October 22, 2013

Prishtina, 14 October 2013 – Minister of the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Vlora Çitaku hosted in an introductory meeting the newly appointed Ambassador of Italy in Kosovo, Mr. Adreas Ferrarese.

Minister Çitaku during the meeting with the Ambassador Ferrarese discussed the latest development in the country and on the Kosovo`s progress on the European agenda.

Minister Çitaku, expressed the gratitude on behalf of the citizens and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for the great support that Italy has provided, particularly in these last fourteen years, which is currently continuing to provide for a democratic development of Kosovo, also, to the ongoing support of our country on the European integration process.

During the meeting, Minister Çitaku, stated that: “Without your support Kosovo would have face many difficulties reaching this position where it is stands now, and that, Italy has been one of the main supporters in our journey towards freedom, independence, and now is key supporter, also long, towards European integration, considering that European integration is a priority of the Government, our commitment is the maximal since this process will require more reforms, internal transforming processes, many of which will not be easy, nor popular, but is a solid foundation to build a democratic, stable and effective governance system”.

Of his part, the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Ferrarese, stated that has followed closely the recent developments in the region and appreciates progress being achieved in Kosovo, reaffirming Italy’s further support for the state of Kosovo. On this occasion ambassador Mr.Ferrarese stated that: “The Italian Government will continue support to Kosovo on its path towards European integration, and economic and social advancement, in order that Kosovo in the near future to join the big European family”.

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