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Minister Hoxha reported to the parliamentary committee: We have surpassed the plans and did not lose a single cent of the IPA funds

March 4, 2019

Prishtina, 4 March 2019 – The Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, reported to the Standing Parliamentary Committee for European Integration, where she presented the Implementation of the National Plan for the Implementation of the SAA (NPISAA) for 2018, Implementation of ERA for the Period 2016-2019 and the Increase of EU funds for Kosovo.

“Implementation of the NPISAA for 2018 has surpassed the plans. According to the Agreement, it was envisaged that the implementation should be at least 60%, while the plan was exceeded to 68.23% for 2018”, said Minister Hoxha, adding that the implementation during 2017 was at 62.05%.

We are committed to increasing the dynamics of implementation of the legislative measures in 2019, said Minister Hoxha, while despite the good results in the level of implementation measures we will commit extra efforts to increase this dynamic too and surpass the plans.

“We have completed the revision of the NPISAA for the period 2019-2023 and it is expected very soon to be approved by the Government. Based on the plans agreed with the EU, the implementation of the NPISAA for 2019 is expected to be 70%, while for 2020 it will be 80%”, said Minister Hoxha.

Regarding the implementation of ERA for the period November 2016 – January 2019, the results are also encouraging, pointed out Minister Hoxha, the level of ERA implementation from its inception in November 2016 until the end of January 2019 is 71.85 %, whereby 97 out of 135 actions have been fully implemented, and 38 of them (28.15%) are under implementation. Data shows that so far 10 out of 22 priorities or 45.45% have been fully implemented, while 12 priorities, or 54.55%, are under implementation.
Minister Hoxha said that we expect during 2019 to increase the implementation dynamics of ERA 2 priorities and strive to surpass the plans, same as we did with the NPISAA, and the implementation of over 70% of ERA completely refutes the allegations that Kosovo has stagnated in this regard.

Allow me to prove false all those speculations that are being made and that can be made, because Kosovo has not lost even one single cent of EU funds, on the contrary, EU funds have only increased and never were they decreased, said Minister Hoxha, pointing out arguments in the chronological aspect.

With IPA 2016, Part 2, a Financial Support Contract to the Public Administration Reform was signed in the amount of 25 million euros, while with IPA 2017, Part 2, a Contract for Budget Support for Public Financial Management was signed in the amount of 25 million euros.

In addition, Minister Hoxha informed the Parliamentary Committee that EU funds for Kosovo have increased, including: IPA 2017 has allocated 73 million euros, IPA 2018 has allocated 90.5 million euros, and IPA 2019-2020 over 200 million euros.

Besides IPA funds, please let me inform you that Kosovo also receives funds from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), added Minister Hoxha, only in this round of applications, i.e. the 21st round of applications within WBIF, the value of infrastructure projects exceeds 250 million euros, only the construction of sewage treatment plants, drinking water supply plants and water collectors in Kosovo’s large and small centres exceeds 400 million euros. In addition, the Ministry will initiate the revision of the List of Priority Projects by paving the way for investments in large infrastructure projects.

Minister Hoxha also took questions from the MPs, members of the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration, on the percentage implementation of SAA, IPA funds, the use of EU funds as well as on the ongoing engagement towards Integration Process and visa liberalization.

Last modified: August 5, 2022

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