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Clarification to the public: Kosovo has not lost a single cent from the European Union’s funds

March 4, 2019

Prishtina, 4 March 2019 – Today, the Minister of European Integration reported before the standing Parliamentary Committee on European Integration, whereby inter alia, she took note of increased EU funds for Kosovo. In other words, not a single cent has been lost, thus dismissing speculations regarding the loss of funds.

With this clarification, we would to hereby inform the public that Kosovo has not lost a single cent from EU funds dedicated to the Republic of Kosovo, on the contrary, EU funds have increased rather than decreased.

The Contract on the Budget Support to the Public Administration Reform in the amount of EUR 25 million was signed under IPA 2016 – Part II, whereas the Contract on the Budget Support on Public Finance Management, amounting to EUR 25 million, was signed under IPA 2017 – Part II.

Furthermore, Minister Hoxha informed the Parliamentary Committee that EU funds dedicated to Kosovo have increased: IPA 2017 allocated EUR 73 million, IPA 2018 allocated EUR 90.5 million, whereas IPA 2019-2020 allocated over EUR 200 million.

In addition to IPA funds, Kosovo is also benefiting funds from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), stated Minister Hoxha, and in this round of applications alone, i.e. 21st round of WBIF applications, the amount of infrastructure projects exceeds EUR 250 million, and the projects for construction of wastewater treatment plants, drinkable water facilities and water collectors, in large and smaller centres of Kosovo, exceeds the amount of EUR 400 million.

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