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Minister Hoxha gets authorized to sign IPA 2018 funds and report on the implementation of the SAA

March 5, 2019

Prishtina, 5 March 2019 – The draft decision for authorizing the Minister of Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, to sign the Kosovo-EU financing agreement, IPA 2018 has been reviewed at the regular meeting of the Government. This proposal was approved and Minister Hoxha obtained authorization for signing the financial agreement IPA 2018, on behalf of Kosovo, with the EU, at a value of 90.5 million Euros.

At this meeting of the Government, Minister Hoxha held an exposition on the Implementation of the National Program for the Stabilization and Association Agreement (NPISAA) during 2018. The overall level of SAA implementation during 2018 is 68.23%, since 363 out of 532 measures were implemented, while the performance for 2018 was 6% better as compared to the previous year, stated Minister Hoxha.

The level of implementation of legislative measures is 55.56%, as 80 out of 144 measures planned have been implemented, whereas the level of implementation of implementing measures is 72.94%, as 283 out of 388 of such planned measures have been implemented, stated the Minister, focusing on the reforms that have been planned but not implemented, such as administration, agriculture, road transport, etc.

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