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Minister Hoxha receives support from the Czech Parliament

October 18, 2018

Prague, 18 September 2018 – Today, Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, during the official visit to the Czech Republic, was received by Mr. Radek Koten, Chariman of the Committee on Security and Mr.Lubomir Zaoralek, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy in the Czech Parliament.

Minister Hoxha informed the Chairman of the Committee on Security as well as the Chair of the Committee on Foreign Policy in the Czech Parliament on the comprehensive reforms undertaken for the integration process and the fulfillment of all the benchmarks for visa liberalization as provided for in the roadmap.

The Minister stressed that the citizens of Kosovo expect from friendly countries, such as the Czech Republic, to recognize the achievements and to enable the free movement of our citizens by supporting the vote in the Council of Ministers.

Minister Hoxha informed the hosts about the reforms undertaken in the field of migration, with particular emphasis on legislative reforms that will strengthen the border control, foreign policy and asylum. Kosovo poses no risk of illegal migration, Minister Hoxha said, because we have the entire necessary legal and institutional infrastructure in place.

In the course of discussion, Minister Hoxha requested from Czech Republic to support the outstanding stages of the visa liberalization process for Kosovo. Adittionally, she stressed that Kosovo and its citizens are looking forward to this decision because we have been working since 2012 to receive a positive recommendation from the European Commission. This recommendation, said Minister Hoxha, is the best evidence of the work of our institutions.

Mr. Koten and Mr. Zaoralek, congratulated Minister Hoxha on the reforms undertaken and assured her that the Czech Republic will support Kosovo in the integration process as it has supported it in other important processes to date.

During this two-day visit, Minister Hoxha will hold other important meetings on visa liberalization and seek for support which has been continuously provided by the Czech Republic.

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