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Minister Hoxha in Slovenia: the EU enlargement is necessary, while the EU should recognize the progress made by Western Balkan countries

October 18, 2018

Maribor 12 October – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, is attending the “Adriatic Parliament” International Conference in Maribor, Slovenia, attended by personalities from all Balkan countries.

Minister Hoxha, participates in the panel on the topic “Where is the EU heading: Enlargement in Focus”, where, together with the experts of the region, she will address this topic.

Minister Hoxha stressed that it is the time for the EU to be expanded with the Western Balkan countries because even the EU itself benefits from this. Minister Hoxha also focused on the need for Western Balkan countries to be part of the enlargement dynamics so that the challenges within the EU do not to adversely affect enlargement plans.

“The Enlargement Strategy, which was published months ago, conveyed a clear message regarding the European perspective of this part of Europe, which is more than welcomed in all countries, encouraging us at the same time to undertake the necessary reforms towards integration. What is important for the Balkan countries is to have a clearer and more specific attitude on the European perspective. The EU must also keep the word and fulfil its obligations”, said Minister Hoxha.

Further, Minister Hoxha noted that the good neighbourly relations and the common perspective on development, economy, education, trade, transport, competitiveness and environment, as well as on other areas, are amongst the EU fundamental principles, including the challenges in facing global negative trends such as unemployment, poverty, epidemics, global warming or terrorism.

The Slovenian President Borut Pahor is hosting the “Adriatic Parliament” and the conference will come up with recommendations for the EU on the issue of EU enlargement with the Western Balkans.

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