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Minister Hoxha in the debate of the European Parliamentary Association, Kosovo’s European perspective is indisputable

October 25, 2018

Strasbourg, 25 October 2018 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, participated in the debate of the “European Parliamentary Association” in Strasbourg where she delivered a key note speech and noted Kosovo’s perspective within the European integration processes.

Minister Hoxha expressed the belief that the most important part where the EU should focus its foreign policy is the enlargement process.

“Involving of more countries in the European family will enable these countries to achieve not only reforms in the economy, but also empower democracy and rule of law. The EU enlargement policy should be seen as a mechanism to make the EU family more complete and more sustainable,” said Minister Hoxha, adding that he expects this to be reaffirmed by EU institutions as well for the whole region, a dynamic, concrete and achievable perspective.

The EU has its own rules for accession and the Balkan countries still have work to do with crucial reforms affecting the most important sectors, said Minister Dhurata Hoxha, however the EU should be able to objectively assess achievements and deliver a decision in accordance with circumstances and merits.
“EU membership of the Balkan countries would also have a positive impact on the national policy of the states themselves, absorbing the best practices and European values, said Minister Hoxha.

During the Austrian presidency, Kosovo expects to close the decision-making process for visa liberalization now that it is known that Kosovo has met all the criteria set out in the roadmap and this has been confirmed by the European Commission.

“Our citizens believe in European values, following the rules and integrating values. During the Austrian presidency, we expect unremitting support, especially for the reforms undertaken, reflected in the jointly agreed strategies, “said Minister Hoxha.

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