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Minister Çitaku visits the Administrative Office in Mitrovica North

November 12, 2012

Mitrovica, 12 November 2012 – In order to get more detailed information about the work of the Administrative Office in Mitrovica North, Minister of the European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, to be hosted by Adrijana Hodzic, Executive Official of the office paid a visit.

Throughout the meeting, they discussed about strengthening the rule of law and order, the institutional capacities for local self-governance, capacity building for economic development, social infrastructure, education, health, and development of ethnical and cultural diversity.

On this occasion, Mrs. Hodzic informed more in detail Minister Çitaku with the work of the Administrative Office in particular, about the progress on capacity building with staff and technical capacities of this institution. “Considering the difficult and complicated situation in the Mitrovica North, the Administrative Office has done a good job. We have gone through 2000 different administrative requirements of the Republic of Kosovo citizens, not only from Mitrovica, but from other northern places of Kosova as well”, Mrs Hodzic said. She promised that they will continue with their work, asking for further support from the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

Minister Çitaku congratulated Mrs Hodzic for her commitment and for the remarkable courage, regardless of the tense conditions, with her success in functionalising the Administrative Office in Mitrovica North.

Minister Çitaku added that “The Government of Kosovo is highly engaged in the economic and social development of North Mitrovica. North Mitrovica deals with many challenges of political, social and economic character, but the Government of the Republic of Kosovo will continue supporting this office. The engagement in providing and offering different administrative services for the North Mitrovica citizens is admirable, and it should be in progress.

Then, she continued her visit at the new building of the Administrative Office in North Mitrovica, where she met officials from the office who informed her with the progress of their work in detail.

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