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Minister Ahmetaj underlines the importance of the regional cooperation in the integration process

February 20, 2017

Prishtina, 20 February 2017 – Minister of the European Integration Ms. Mimoza Ahmetaj was part of panels at the Summit of the Parliamentary Committees for Foreign Affairs, which was held today in Pristina. Accordingly, Minister Ahmetaj addressed the panel “;Strengthening cooperation between the Balkan countries on the path towards integration in international organizations/overcoming political barriers in the region”;, emphasizing the importance of the debate on cooperation between the Western Balkan countries within the European integration process.

In her speech, Minister Ahmetaj emphasised the common future of the Western Balkans, which is the integration into the European Union and the possibilities of cooperation in order to strengthen and accelerate the process of EU membership for the entire region. “;Regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations is the cornerstone of Stabilisation and Association Process and it is clearly articulated in each contractual agreement of individual countries with EU. EU integration should be attractive force or catalyst that in a way obliges the Western Balkan countries for mutual cooperation, always having EU member states as the guarantee for this cooperation,”; stated among others Minister Ahmetaj. Minister Ahmetaj highlighted some joint projects wherein the entire region of the Western Balkans is included, as well as Kosovo, highlighting the Berlin Process, or “;Western Balkans 6”; as a regional initiative related to the EU enlargement. She also mentioned other examples where European integration process has led to closing differences between countries in the region.

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