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Irregular migration is not worth it

April 10, 2014

Prishtina, 10 April 2014 – Ministry of European Integration in cooperation with the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, during the Visa Liberalization campaign, has continued with the bus informative tour to visit 40 locations within Kosovo,.

Purpose of these visits is to sensitize citizens regarding consequences that irregular migration brings, both financial and physical risks that wait during this process. At the same time, it damages the progress of the Visa Liberalization process for Kosovo due to the fact that our country is considered to be a safe country and asylum, for member states of the Schengen area, is not an option for Kosovo citizens.

Also, public figures, prominent singers and actors of Kosovo are part of the tour, as well as officials involved in the Visa Liberalization process which are at the service of citizens for detailed information on irregular migration and its impact on the Visa Liberalization process and to inform regarding the possibilities of reintegration of people repatriated in Kosovo, into Kosovar society.

During the first three days of the bus tour were visited the regions of Podujeva, Obiliq and Ferizaj, where 12 different locations were visited. The bus tour will continue for two weeks.

The interest of citizens for this tour is exceptionally large, as in obtaining information on the Visa Liberalization process as well as regarding irregular migration and reintegration.

The campaign is considered to be attractive and quite topical taking into consideration that all Kosovo municipalities face the challenge of irregular migration and reintegration of repatriated persons.

A repatriated person from the municipality of Ferizaj, recently returned with his family, said: ” I have migrated irregularly and I returned voluntarily, because personally, I am  convinced that Kosovo provides a lot more opportunities to live and progress than to stay irregularly in a foreign country.”

On the other hand, during the campaign, have been also encountered citizens revolted and unsatisfied with their economic and social situation and which would be willing to migrate out of Kosovo, in any way possible, to the western states. Such citizens have been informed about all consequences which irregular migration entails, and they have been provided with informational materials in order for them to be aware of the risks arising from such a step.

The campaign will continue on the following days and the Ministry of European Integration is committed that during this campaign to meet and discuss with as many citizens as possible, from different regions, and in cooperation with respective municipalities to advance this campaign in better and comprehensive informing regarding Visa Liberalization process.


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