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Informative session on Kosovo’s access to EU Programs

January 19, 2017

Prishtina, 19 January 2017 – Today took place the first informative session on access of the Republic of Kosovo to EU Programs, a session chaired by Mrs. Anila Statovci-Demaj and co-chaired by Head of EU Office in Kosovo Mrs. Natalya Apostolova. Ministers of the Republic of Kosovo, General Secretaries of respective ministries, representatives of Embassies in Kosovo, representatives of civil society and other institutional officials attended this session.

Following the introduction made by Mr. Demush Shasha, Secretary of the Ministry of European Integration, Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj spoke on the significance behind EU programs and on the purpose of this meeting. She stressed the need for comprehensive information of relevant stakeholders who are essential to the effective implementation of these programs. Participation in EU programs makes Kosovo directly part of the European family and in order for this participation to be effective, we must be well prepared. Therefore, this will be the first Informative session out of wide range of informative sessions to be organized by the Ministry of European Integration, always in cooperation with the EU Office in Prishtina. This wider consultation and adequate preparation for application for EU Programs will enable Kosovo to benefit maximally from this offer, within its available capacities. Experience from the region tells us that incorrect identification of needs and application in Programs not relevant, it can be translated into expenditure of funds with minimum to no benefits.

During the meeting it was presented the Assessment Report on Kosovo’s participation in EU programs 2014-2020, prepared by MEI under EU-funded support project assistance, a report outlining programs that Kosovo may participate. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss with panelists, whereby they made some questions in order to understand the details about the Programs since this was the first meeting ever held on this matter.

The Framework Agreement on Kosovo’s participation in EU programs was signed in November last year and is expected to enter into force this year following all EU procedures. EU programs are multi-annual programs intended to promote and support EU policies and to strengthen cooperation among EU Member States and other countries in certain areas such as: Research and Innovation, Education, Culture, Health, Environmental protection, Justice, etc. Following the EU procedures, Kosovo will be granted access to individual EU programs.


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