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Ilazi: We must all coordinate and commit to the implementation of the SAA

August 18, 2016

Ferizaj, 18 August 2016 – Today the Ministry of European Integration organized a roundtable discussion in the Municipality of Ferizaj, on the topic “Opportunities and challenges in the citizen-government-civil society cooperation within the European integration process” which was attended by political representatives, civil society representatives and citizens.

On this occasion, the Deputy Minister of European Integration, Mr. Ramadan Ilazi, emphasised the importance of proper communication of the European Integration process to the citizens of Kosovo, as a key step toward advancing cooperation between the citizens, the government and civil society.

Moreover, he also informed those present regarding the progress made in implementing priorities emerging from the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. Deputy Minister Ilazi, among other stated that: “the SAA is a historical agreement with regard to Kosovo’s future, and we must all commit and coordinate together, including municipalities, civil society and the citizens, in order to implement the agreement within the time limits, thereby expediting our path toward EU integration.

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