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Deputy Minister Ilazi speaks on advancing the European Agenda on the occasion of marking Europe Day

May 9, 2015

Prishtina, 9 may 2015 –The Deputy Minister of the Ministry for European Integration, Mr. Ramadan Ilazi, attended a reception and a musical concert in the National Theatre of Kosovo organized by the European Commission to honour the Europe Day.Deputy Minister Ilazi spoke of Kosovo’s effort toward fulfilling the European Agenda and the importance of Kosovo’s integration to the EU.“Comparable to the EU which is a project of peace, the State of Kosovo was also designed to be an antidote to the causes of past wars of Yugoslavia. It is a project which enshrines the values of the European Union, an effort to stand together in our ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. Therefore, Kosovo has no meaning without the EU”, stated the deputy minister.

He considered EU integration, signing of the SAA, and Visa Liberalisation as vita due to the potential they have to transform Kosovo’s society.

“As in other years, the activities of Europe Day with their cultural, informational and entertaining character this year gather us around a common purpose. We are being mobilised on matters that affect us all, but at the same time we are being encouraged to continue trusting in the European project and Kosovo’s integration to the EU”, stated among others the Deputy Minister.

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