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Centres of competence, a success stories and a potential benefit from SAA

March 14, 2017

Prishtina, 13 March 2017 – Minister of European Integration, Mimoza Ahmetaj visited the Centre of Competence in Ferizaj, where she stressed the role and importance of centres of competence for young Kosovars.

Minister Ahmetaj said that these centres will enable our youth to be trained and specialized in various professions and will have an opportunity for employment in Kosovo, and at the same time be equally competitive with the citizens of the European Union. On this occasion, Minister Ahmetaj stressed that the training and education of our youth in centres like this, will enable Kosovo to use the benefits provided by SAA, by integrating the labour market of the Republic of Kosovo and making it more competitive, and in setting the standards and quality similar with EU.

During the visit, Minister Ahmetaj observed the work and specialized activities of the students within the centres such as: Audiometrist, Social and Health Care Assistant , dental technicians, Physiotherapy assistants and other specific profiles of this centre, and noted that the goal of these vocational education and training institutions is in providing educational programs and professional training in order to prepare professional staff in accordance to the requirements of the labour market.

Each centre of competence provides trainings in various professional profiles within a defined activity field. Luxembourg built two centres of competence, one in Ferizaj with medical profiles, and one in Prizren with profiles of economy, trade, travel and tourism. Luxembourg’s investment for these two centres reached the amount of 10 million Euros, and on this occasion Minister Ahmetaj thanked the head of the office, Anne Doster and expressed her commitment to continue and to deepen the ongoing cooperation in other fields as well.

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