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The Ministry of European Integration launched the campaign “Europe Starts Here”

August 15, 2015

15 Aug 2015 Prizren – On Friday evening, the Ministry of European Integration (MEI) launched the campaign “Europe Starts Here” aiming at awareness raising of Kosovo  citizens in regards to the European integration process.

Upon launching of the campaign, during the works of “DokuFEST” film festival, the Deputy Minister of European Integration, Mr. Ramadan Ilazi, stated that this campaign is focused at two main priorities for Kosovo`s EU agenda, such as: Visa Liberalization Process and the Stabilization Association Agreement.

“Through this campaign we will explain what is SAA, its importance for Kosovo and what benefits it will bring along. Same time, we will make sure that citizens are informed on what the Visa liberalization process really means, or better put, what is the Visa Liberalization. Hence, to address common misunderstandings around this process, such as the studies, right to work and other issues” stated Deputy Minister Ilazi.

He also considers that Kosovo citizens themselves play an important in materializing integration of our country into EU.

The approximation of Kosovo with EU is not of a geographic concept, stated Mr. Ilazi, the EU integration means that the country is undergoing a democratic transformation and reformation process, which in fact leads towards the strengthening of democracy, improvement of living standards and the approximation of our society with EU society in all spheres of life.

“However, above all is a mind and heart approximation. The integration process of the Republic of Kosovo does not come from abroad, It starts here” added further the Deputy minister Ilazi.

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