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The trust that we have in Kosovo resulted positive, we were never disappointed with Kosovo

September 3, 2013

Pristina, September 3, 2013 – Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, hosted today the French Minister in charge for European Affairs, Mr. Thierry Repentin, with whom they discussed on the work done on the preparations for the negotiation of a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), and on Kosovo advancement in the visa liberalization process.

In the meeting, was discussed in detail the start of SAA negotiations and the ongoing work of the Kosovo institutions in the context of preparations for the start of negotiations. Minister Çitaku underlined the importance of SAA for Kosovo as a way for Kosovo anchoring on the European path and a sustainable state-wide reform.

As for the visa liberalization process, the Minister Çitaku informed Minister Repentin about the course of implementation of recommendations arising from the roadmap for visa liberalization, meeting the criteria for visa liberalization, regional cooperation and improving inter-neighbourly relations as criteria for advancement into European integrations.

Minister Çitaku said: “It was an honour and a pleasure to be the host of the Minister for European Affairs of the French Republic. France has always been the friend of Kosovo and has remained close to Kosovo at the most difficult moments along our journey towards freedom, equality and democracy.

France was one of the first countries that supported Kosovo’s independence, and it is one of the largest supporters of European Kosovo. I know very well that today it not very easy to be the leader of the enlargement process at a time when the EU is going through its internal turmoil, but Kosovo and the Western Balkans have always been able to count on French support to our efforts to join the European family.
I informed Minister Repetin that European agenda is more consensual agenda in Republic of Kosovo, is the agenda that unites all political and ethnic spectrum. I assured the minister that Kosovo will produce enough arguments which would make France efforts easier to convince anyone that is needed, that Kosovo deserves to be a member of the European family. We are not asking for a shortcut, we are  not asking the EU to close its eyes, we ask the EU to assess the work that we are doing together in order to meet the criteria, either arising from the feasibility study or from the roadmap for visa liberalization.

It is clear that the enlargement process is based on lessons learned and experiences from the previous expansion that are turned into criteria for countries which aspire to be part of the European family. This did not at any moment discourage us, but, in contrary, our mobilization has grown to meet criteria and obligations in the context of European integration and not only this. Normalization of relations with Serbia plays a fundamental role, good neighbourhood is one of the fundamental political principles that a country must fulfil if intends to be part of the European family.

Also, I assured Minister Repentin that Kosovo will fulfil all its obligations arising from historic agreement on April 19, and April 19 is just the beginning of normalization of relations, it’s not the end. Full normalization will happen on the day when Kosovo and Serbia will seat onto two seats as equal countries at the table of the joint European family.

Once again, you are very welcomed, and I thank you very much for the continuous support you are giving to Kosovo and the region. “, concluded Minister Çitaku.

Whereas, French Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Repentin said: ” France seemed to be less present in the Balkans than it was before, but the participation of President Holland in Brdo Summit in Slovenia in July, shows his confidence that Europe cannot be without the Western Balkans. Bilateral relations between France and Kosovo will continue to intensify and will be more real than in the past, in political, diplomatic and economic point of view. So, this is the reason why after the Brdo Summit, President Holland has appointed Mr. Alain Richard, Economic Affairs Envoy for the Balkans, the former Minister of Defence. Afterwards, at the last meeting, President Holland has spoke with the President of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga on the mutual issues and dialogue that has begun between Kosovo and Serbia. Also, it should be noted that we see the agreement of April 19th between Kosovo and Serbia, as a courageous act for the work of the two prime ministers, and what we consider a historic agreement.

In this case, we can also make a parallel with the earlier decades that have made France and Germany after the World War II by erasing their painful past in order to put together their resources to make them inseparable in the future. So we can make a parallel with the Balkans and this part of the world and Europe. The past has shown its happy moments and its painful moments. We need a peaceful Balkans where countries work together, which shows their willingness to join the club of 28 member states, knowing that the twenty- eight place is a country from this region, so, we consider that this is not the last country from Balkans, but it shows the way to some countries, especially to those which are moving towards the European Union.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that the path is difficult and I request from the government to perform many structural reforms which will probably be difficult ones, when it is well known that people expect prompt and direct response. Because Kosovo has a difficult past, decisions must be seen from the distance. Those are decisions which need to be designed in order to see the responses later on i.e. after few years. On this issue I am absolutely with you on the difficulty of the task that is standing in front of you, what I realized that you are dedicated and that is an entirely consensual agenda. Some of the items in the European agenda will be closely viewed by members of the European Union, countries which want to support Kosovo’s achievements to the European Union.

It’s obvious that you really made a lot of progress, and I am confident that you will continue with this pace, which means that this will be incentive that will push you to go forward. I am aware that you are committed to this issue. In addition, the French Government position is to further deepen cooperation between our two countries, because we believe that our relations can contribute even more in this direction.

However, an issue on which we have discussed quite often is the issue of asylum seekers from Kosovo to France, because it is noticed an increase of this requests for political asylum in France, which we think that some man and women from Kosovo have no bases for seeking asylum. We know that the reasons are different, but we need that together, with the institutions of Kosovo and France, to fight this criminality which is using the desperation and poverty of some of you citizens by promising them a great and bright future but on the other hand requesting from them large amounts of money. When, it is understood that most of them will be returned to their homeland because the majority of them get a negative response.

Also, I would like to add that the second item is the regional cooperation. It is the issue of dialogue with Belgrade in order to normalize the relationship between you. On this occasion I applaud the vision of the Prime minister to overcome the grief, hostility and to build a more calm and peaceful future. I particularly welcome the recent agreements such as the agreement on municipal elections, which aims to assure that every citizen can vote, and to show that this is the will of the Government of Kosovo, to integrate the entire population.

I would like to conclude with a subject as your Prime minister said earlier that France always had trust in Kosovo in its historic moments. Therefore, for France, the trust we had in Kosovo resulted to be positive and we have never been disappointed with Kosovo. As a Minister of European Affairs I repeat the trust issue we have on you, as it is very important.” said at the end Ministers Repentin.

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