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The meeting of the Sector Working Group for the Coordination of Donors in Governance, focusing on Gender Equality, was held

March 11, 2013

Pristine, 11 March 2013. – The second meeting of the sector working group for the coordination of donors in governance focusing on gender equality was held today.  The meeting was attended by donors who support this sector as well as officials from the Kosovo Assembly, Minister of European Integration, Office of the Prime Minister – The Agency for Gender Equality, Line Ministries as well as representatives of the Civil Society.

In this meeting, Kosovo institutions, respectively the Agency for Gender Equality presented the plan and priorities for the upcoming years in the field of gender equality.

The Chairperson of the Commission for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions from the Kosovo Assembly presented and reported on the implementation in practice of the relevant law for gender equality.

Whereas from the donor community the Swedish Embassy and USAID presented their assessment reports regarding gender equality studies in Kosovo. On the other hand representatives from the EU office in Kosovo and UNKT presented their planned activities in the field of gender equality.

Meanwhile, as the chairperson of this meeting, Minister Çitaku stated that “with  a more efficient coordination and effective support from donors, soon will come the day when these meetings and conferences which support gender equality  as well as institutions which promote this field will not be necessary, since gender equality will be part of every process in Kosovo.  Also if we want to have a more efficient coordination, first we need to coordinate our plans and jointly set priorities in the field of gender equality” said Minister Çitaku among other things.

On this occasion, Minister Çitaku informed participants that for the next meeting they will be informed on time.

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