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Telephone conversation of the two Ministers of Albania and Kosovo

April 27, 2020

Prishtina, 27 April 2020 – Due to the inability to meet as a result of the ongoing pandemic, the acting Minister of European Integration, Mr. Blerim Reka today had a telephone conversation with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Gent Cakaj.

During this conversation, both expressed mutual satisfaction with the signing, albeit at a distance, of the “Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania and the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo on Mutual Support within the Framework for the Preparation and Development of Admission Negotiations”.

Ministers Reka and Cakaj, noted the importance of this agreement with regard to bilateral cooperation in inter-institutional preparation for the process of integration in the European Union. Minister Reka congratulated his counterpart Mr. Cakaj for the recommendation of the European Commission for opening negotiations of membership of the Republic of Albania in the European Union, while together they share the hope that Kosovo will be granted visa liberalization, and soon, begin preparations for EU candidate status.
In the telephone conversation, they considered the practical aspect of this agreement as very important, since through this, officials and experts from both sides of the border will work together, exchanging knowledge and experiences, within the mechanisms and institutional structures that will be established in accordance with this cooperation framework. In particular, this will be done by focusing on the establishment of negotiating structures for membership negotiations, expert groups according to negotiating chapters, and the screening assessment process. In light of implementing this agreement, a Joint Committee will be established, which will meet twice a year to review the 6-month action plans.
In conclusion, it was agreed that, in addition to advancing the preparatory institutional resources for future integration phases, joining inter-state administrative capacities through joining professional capacities, time reduction and budget savings, will also accelerate the translation of EU Acquis in the Albanian language for both countries.


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