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Takimi i Ministrit Çollaku me Komisionerin Johannes Hahn

September 22, 2015

Brussels, 22 September 2015 – Minister of European Integration Mr. Bekim Çollaku today in Brussels held a meeting with Commissioner Johannes Hahn, where they discussed the reforms and progress in the country’s European agenda. The focus of discussion was the need to continue with the next steps of the country’s European agenda, namely the fast signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the deserved decision on Visa liberalization for citizens of Kosovo.

On this occasion, Commissioner Hahn welcomed the reforms made by Kosovo including bold decisions about dialogue for normalization of relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia facilitated by the EU, the completion of the border demarcation with Montenegro and commitment to the process of the specialized chambers.

Minister Çollaku expressing his confidence that 2015 will mark a positive turning point in relations between Kosovo and the EU, underlined that now is the right moment for the EU to confirm specifically the European perspective for Kosovo. Moreover, Minister Çollaku added that:

“The European future should be materialized because Kosovo has made deep reforms and citizens must see concrete results from the European Union. Today I received confirmation from Commissioner Hahn, that the  European Commission together with the Member States of the European Union have this in mind, and that very soon the citizens will be convinced that Kosovo as all the countries of the Western Balkans region has a European future”.

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