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Minister Hoxha: Strengthening the rule of law is in the function of the fight against corruption

March 20, 2018

Prishtina, 20 March 2018 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, participated in the “Week of Women”, as a panellist at the conference titled: Corruption – a threat to democratic stability, in which were also present the former President Atifete Jahjaga, US Ambassador Greg Delawie and other prominent personalities that deal with women’s rights.

“The issue of empowering women is a topic that has already taken global dimensions. Developed countries have a significant advantage in this regard compared to countries in development, such as Kosovo. However, empowering women’s role in politics, business, entrepreneurship and all other fields should be a priority of Kosovar society”, said Minister Hoxha.

Corruption as a phenomenon is a current topic and the same should be addressed in most efficient manner, especially during this period, because there are constant demands that Kosovo needs to intensify the fight against corruption and organized crime. In the EU Enlargement Strategy that was published recently, it is made clear that Kosovo should focus its efforts on strengthening the rule of law, which would, inter alia, imply fighting of corruption. 

 “The Ministry of European Integration is committed to accelerate the dynamics of the integration process in our country and, consequently, to assist all processes that make our path smoother towards the EU. Accelerating this dynamic will be done by working with all institutions in fighting the corruption”, said Minister Dhurata Hoxha.

The Minister said that the corruption can be fought, but this war will be successful only if the institutions work together towards the cause of zero tolerance against this phenomenon. 
 “No one should hide behind the impossible, behind the difficulties or behind the bureaucracies to fight the corruption,” said Minister Hoxha, by pointing out that everyone has a role in this process.

“The prosecution and the judiciary must play an active role in this war and to punish those who are harming the future of our state. It is the ultimate time for all of us, for the legislature, the executive and the judiciary to win this war, by always respecting the independence of everyone and the competences we have in this regard”, said Minister Hoxha. In order to successfully fight the corruption, it is necessary to increase the transparency. For this purpose, she stressed, I will seek the help of civil society and the media, by inviting them to turn their finger towards the corrupted officials.

“Significant progress has been made in the fight against corruption. However, this is a criterion in which we should continuously make progress and in this regard the Government will provide full support to the rule of law institutions in intensifying the fight against corruption”, said the Minister, and pointed out the latest report of ‘Transparency International’ where Kosovo has progressed in dealing with corruption compared to some of the Western Balkan countries.

Minister Hoxha stressed that the institutions will continue to get engaged in the fight against corruption, in building the rule of law state which will open the perspective of Kosovo for European integration. Now more than ever, Kosovo must intensify the fight against corruption and at the same time we need to show our readiness that this war is not impossible and is not hopeless, but it is required cooperation and courage from our part in this cooperation.

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