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Minister Hoxha received in a farewell meeting the Ambassador of France, Mr Chabert: Our friendship with you is valuable to us

July 9, 2019

Prishtina, 09 July 2019 – Minister of European Integration, Mrs Dhurata Hoxha, received today in a farewell meeting the Ambassador of France in Kosovo, Mr Didier Chabert, whom she thanked for the strong cooperation and support in the integration process.

Minister Hoxha pointed out that our friend, Ambassador Chabert and the French diplomacy have shown their support in the processes in which Kosovo is going through, in particular, the reforms from the European Agenda, the implementation of the SAA and support for Kosovo’s integration in international organizations.

“Mr Ambassador Chabert, you have provided full support on the processes in which Kosovo is going through, in particular, in the visa liberalization process. Political timing and reality is that we have expected more in this regard from France; however, considering the internal factors and the new situation after the elections in the European Parliament, we look forward to focussing the attention to the free movement and to remove any suspicion for our integration path”, emphasized Minister Hoxha.

Ambassador Chabert praised the cooperation and institutions of Kosovo, in particular cooperation with the Ministry of Integration, acknowledging and recognizing Kosovo’s priorities for integration within European values.

Ambassador Chabert also thanked Minister Hoxha for reaffirming his support as a real Kosovo friend, a strong supporter of Kosovo’s faster integration with Euro-Atlantic integration values.

The Minister pointed out that Ambassador Chabert has built a friendship and trust between the two countries, stating that this friendship is a value to our country, a friendship that will become even greater in the future, which is a common path and goal

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