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Minister Hoxha praised the commitment of Ambassador Sjaastad: Norway’s support is a value of the state of Kosovo

March 28, 2019

Prishtina, 16 July 2019 – At the farewell meeting with Norway’s ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad, the Minister of European Integration, Ms. Dhurata Hoxha praised his commitment as regards the deepening of cooperation and overall support for the integration processes.

Norway has been a strong supporter of Kosovo’s state-building, stated Minister Hoxha, pointing out that the Ambassador’s contribution was enormous regarding the deepening of cooperation.

“Our relations have been and are to be looked up to and you have contributed a lot to that, Mr. Ambassador. You have deepened and expanded cooperation, making our way towards integration easier and more advanced. However, our path, our friendship will not stop with the termination of your mandate in our Republic”, emphasized the Minister, adding that such friendship as the one of Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad is a value to Kosovo.

The Norwegian Ambassador, Per Strand Sjaastad, praised the Ministry’s engagement in the integration process, the progress and the national consensus for the integration process, pointing out that he was honored and happy while performing the Ambassador’s duties in the Republic of Kosovo.

Minister Hoxha and Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad, stated that Kosovo and Norway are an example of cooperation and friendship, praising Norway’s support to the integration process, reforms and integration of Kosovo in international institutions.

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